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!!> Reading ➷ Aliens  ➯ Author S.D. Perry – Pv1.info Colonel Doctor Paul Church Has Discovered That Aliens Communicate Telepathically And That Human Will Can Alter An Alien S Behavior Colonel Doctor Tony Crespi Is Happy To Be In On The Action Until He Discovers The Truth Church S Experiments Are Only A Front For One Of The Most Warped Projects Ever, One That Could Turn The Toughest Of Army Stomachs.

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  1. Ana Mardoll Ana Mardoll says:

    Aliens Novels Book 6, Labyrinth 0 553 57491 4After suffering through the poorly written and almost identical to one another Genocide and Alien Harvest , I have to praise Labyrinth for returning to the basics of the first three books of the series and for understanding what really drives the suspense and terror in the alien

  2. Jean-Francois Boivin Jean-Francois Boivin says:

    Novelization of the graphic novel by Jim Woodring, this is Stephani Danelle Perry s 3rd ALIENS novel, although the previous 2 ALIENS BOOK 3 THE FEMALE WAR and ALIENS VS PREDATOR PREY were co written with her father Steve Perry.This is very aptly written for sure, reads very well But it s a very straightforward adaptation The low pa

  3. Stephan Stephan says:

    Creepy Chilling DisturbingOne of the best Alien novels I ve read so far with just the right balance of horror and action Some times it feels a bit like Alien Isolation when the main characters only survive because they manage to improvise weapons on the fly Weapons that at the most only stun or drive the aliens awayThe best parts of the st

  4. Daniel Clark Daniel Clark says:

    I did enjoy this book, because I am usually easy to please when it comes to sci fi horror genre My major problem with the books is that the charachters were really flat to me I have found that there is a graphic novel that was published before this novel with the same name I wounder if this is just a rushed novelization of the graphic novel The be

  5. Alex Klimkewicz Alex Klimkewicz says:

    Read it back in middle school Enjoyed it then, along with several other Aliens, Predator, and Aliens vs Predator books, but I probably wouldn t read it again I do remember specifically liking the books by Perry and her father , as well as the Resident Evil books that she wrote.

  6. Alex Witney Alex Witney says:

    Aliens The Labyrinth is an okay story that keeps you interested enough to see it through to the end It feels different to the Aliens portrayed in the film counterparts and ends poorly, but has its moments that take it above your generic run of the mill movie tie in.

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Very good book with new characters and a new plot

  8. Alan Hoffman Alan Hoffman says:

    Probably the most unsettling horror book I ve read and I ve read a fair amount of Clive Barker, Stephen King, Dan Simmons, etc , even though it s from a franchise and based on a comic book.

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    Anything involving these aliens is just awesome

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