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Mass Market Paperback  Ó Aliens: Labyrinth ePUB á The space station Innominata has one problem men die there Only no one really knows it or at least, no one who counts Certainly Colonel Doctor Tony Crespi has no idea he is simply eager to work with the infamous Doctor Paul Church, who believes that a mutated strain of alien can be made to obey human willChurch s captive creatures live in a warren of tunnels Inside that labyrinth, Crespi and Lieutenant Sharon McGuinness are about to find the true meaning of Church s experiments With a chamber of all too human horrors at its dark heart, the labyrinth is a death trap designed by a man who is attempting what no other person in the universe would dare to bring human and alien together as one

10 thoughts on “Aliens: Labyrinth

  1. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    As I ve stated in previous reviews, after a while all of these Aliens novels seem to run together Space station, military, evil scientist, horrible experiments, etc That being said, they are still enjoyable This one did throw me a curveball as I was not expecting the ending, but there was also so

  2. Ana Mardoll Ana Mardoll says:

    Aliens Novels Book 6, Labyrinth 0 553 57491 4After suffering through the poorly written and almost identical to one another Genocide and Alien Harvest , I have to praise Labyrinth for returning to the basics of the first three books of the series and for understanding what really drives the suspense and t

  3. Neil Neil says:

    I do not know how I feel about this book story It has a few general similarities to Aliens Rogue view spoiler i.e an isolated space station laboratory only the one in this book is actually on a space station floating in space instead of on the surface of an airless planet oid , a mad scientist of sorts who appears

  4. Jean-Francois Boivin Jean-Francois Boivin says:

    Novelization of the graphic novel by Jim Woodring, this is Stephani Danelle Perry s 3rd ALIENS novel, although the previous 2 ALIENS BOOK 3 THE FEMALE WAR and ALIENS VS PREDATOR PREY were co written with her father Steve Perry.This is very aptly written for sure, reads very well But it s a very straightforward adaptation T

  5. Thomas Thomas says:

    With the last book, Rogue, I started making a list of elements that apparently have to be included in every Aliens books With Labyrinth, I remembered one4 Dream sequence and or flashback involving previous encounters.Here, Perry includes a chapter long flashback early in the book without making it clear we re about to jump back to

  6. Brendan Brendan says:

    Not sure if I ve ever beenangry at an ending Completely unexpected and just pissed me off Started off a little slow, picked up super quick out of nowhere The last quarter was a good and intense read I couldn t put the book down Then almost threw the book when I read the first paragraph of the last chapter If the next book of the series does

  7. Vincen A Vincen A says:

    This reads like abecedarian first draft fan fiction that was not proof read, peer reviewed, or edited, leaving it wracked with atrocious grammar and obfuscating sentences Lurking within the malformation is a mundane story that occasionally reaches heights of mediocrity.

  8. Charles Warren Charles Warren says:

    Easy reading Good adventure I feel a lotinterested in how the ALIENS novels are continuing the story in contrast to the film sequels.

  9. Stephan Stephan says:

    Creepy Chilling DisturbingOne of the best Alien novels I ve read so far with just the right balance of horror and action Some times it feels a bit like Alien Isolation when the main characters only survive because they manage to improvise weapons on the fly Weapons that at the most only stun or drive the aliens awayThe best parts of the story though isn t the action

  10. Daniel Clark Daniel Clark says:

    I did enjoy this book, because I am usually easy to please when it comes to sci fi horror genre My major problem with the books is that the charachters were really flat to me I have found that there is a graphic novel that was published before this novel with the same name I wounder if this is just a rushed novelization of the graphic novel The best part for me was the flash

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