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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☃ The Boy from the Woods Author Harlan Coben – Pv1.info In The Shocking New Thriller From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Run Away, A Man Whose Past Is Shrouded In Mystery Must Find A Missing Teenage Girl Before Her Disappearance Brings About Disastrous Consequences For Her Community And The WorldThe Man Known As Wilde Is A Mystery To Everyone, Including Himself Decades Ago, He Was Found As A Boy Living Feral In The Woods, With No Memory Of His Past After The Police Concluded An Exhaustive Hunt For The Child S Family, Which Was Never Found, He Was Turned Over To The Foster System Now, Thirty Years Later, Wilde Still Doesn T Know Where He Comes From, And He S Back Living In The Woods On The Outskirts Of Town, Content To Be An Outcast, Comfortable Only Outdoors, Preferably Alone, And With Few Deep Connections To Other PeopleWhen A Local Girl Goes Missing, Famous TV Lawyer Hester Crimstein With Whom Wilde Shares A Tragic Connection Asks Him To Use His Unique Skills To Help Find Her Meanwhile, A Group Of Ex Military Security Experts Arrive In Town, And When Another Teen Disappears, The Case S Impact Expands Far Beyond The Borders Of The Peaceful Suburb Wilde Must Return To The Community Where He Has Never Fit In, And Where The Powerful Are Protected Even When They Harbor Secrets That Could Destroy The Lives Of Millions Secrets That Wilde Must Uncover Before It S Too Late

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  1. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Now available to request via NetGalley Well, well, well, as I live and breathe Hester Crimstein in my little station Whether you are stumbling across this review in search of a new stand alone thriller or as a long term fan of the author, you are equal parts welcome here Friends, The Boy from the Woods is Harlan Coben at hi

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Harlan Coben s novel is a fabulous thriller that takes a little while to work out where it is going, there are numerous threads and a particular highlight is the range of characters from the endearing to the boo hiss variety, set in Westville, New Jersey The eponymous boy from the woods is Wilde, a feral child, approximately aged between 6

  3. Debra Debra says:

    Wilde was living wild in the woods get it thirty years ago No one, including him, knew his name, his exact age, where he came from, his parents names, were or how long he had been surviving alone in the woods He has vague memories, foggy nightmares, but even as an adult all he remembers is scavenging to survive and playing with his friend, Adam.He s

  4. Meredith Meredith says:

    The Boy From the Woods is an action packed thriller about two missing teenagers, a dirty politician, and damaging secrets The plot seems simple and focuses a teenage girl who disappears without a trace She is the school pariah Then the rich popular boy, who is a bit of douche, disappears as well This is where things get complicated There s a lot of

  5. Monnie Monnie says:

    When it comes to timely reading of pre publication books I get by way of NetGalley, I try to play it straight really, I do by reading them in order of next to be released But sometimes I get one I m so excited about that it jumps to the head of the line This is one of those times And to the half dozen books that got pushed aside, I promise to get to them soon, but lo

  6. Andrew Smith Andrew Smith says:

    In 1986 a couple of hikers in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest found a boy who, it seems, had be living wild He was unschooled and had no memory of life before the the forest Jump forward thirty four years and the man that was this boy has grown into an intelligent, educated man who has operated as a private investigator In fact, Wilde, as he s now known, set up his own compa

  7. Emily May Emily May says:

    Life isn t lived in the black and white, Wilde People like to think so nowadays All the online outrage, things are either all good or all bad But life is lived in the gray Life is lived in the nuances Action wise, this book was as excellent as I have come to expect from Harlan Coben Lots was going on at all times Several subplots overlapped and came together, which made it s

  8. Pauline Pauline says:

    Wilde was found living feral in the woods when he was a young boy and has no memory of his past or even his name He became friends with a boy called David and was then taken into foster care.Many years later he is asked by David s son to look for for a girl in his class that has gone missing.This is the first book by this author that I have read and I really enjoyed it, especially all the diff

  9. Jamie beauty_andthebook_ Jamie beauty_andthebook_ says:

    As with every single prior Harlan Coben novel, I am in love with these characters, this book and I can t believe I have to wait a year for a new book The Boy in the Woods features a connection to one of my favorite Coben recurring characters, the esteemed Hester Crimstein, but this time, Hester is one of the stars of the show we do get an articulate reference as well including these easter eggs to past

  10. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    Any normal Harlan Coben fan does exactly what I did when I received this early copy I started reading it as soon as I pulled it out of the mailer Cue the roller coaster track sound as I start turning pages bc that s the thrilling ride this book is Lots of moments that had me squirming in my seat wondering if I should just pace the floor as I read The story of Wilde, Naomi, Hester and Oren makes for a complicate

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