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[Ebook] ➭ Only Mostly Devastated ➬ Sophie Gonzales – Pv1.info I really, really enjoyed this I do wish we had gotten a little show and a little less tell in regards to the romance between Ollie and Will, but I still really enjoyed this and I could NOT put it down Not only was it super fun and romance y, but it also had some depth and really took a good look at grief and I liked it a lot I cannot wait to read what Sophie Gonzalez puts out next TW terminal illness, death of a loved one, homophobia SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA Meets CLUELESS In This Boy Meets Boy Spin On GreaseSummer Lovegone So FastOllie And Will Were Meant To Be A Summer Fling Casual, Fun, And Done But When Ollie S Aunt S Health Takes A Turn For The Worse And His Family Decides To Stay In North Carolina To Take Care Of Her, Ollie Lets Himself Hope This Fling Can Grow To Something Dreams That Are Crushed When He Sees Will At A School Party And Finds That The Sweet And Affectionate And Comfortably Queer Guy He Knew From Summer Isn T The Same One Attending Collinswood HighWill Is Than A Little Shocked To See Ollie The Evening Of That First Day Of School While His Summer Was Spent Being Very Much Himself, Back At School He S Simply Known As One Of The Varsity Basketball Guys Now Will Is Faced With The Biggest Challenge Of His Life Follow His Heart And Risk His Friendships, Or Stay Firmly In The Closet And Lose What He Loves Most I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS BOOK I requested this book from Netgalley for one reason it is branded as an LGBT version of Grease Instantly I thought, How can that not be great I was lucky enough to get this on a wish and oh boy was I right It was so great, so sweet, so nostalgic but still so fresh I am all out fangirl ing for this one I only have one thing to say get your hands on this as soon as you canAll I d needed was a Destiny s Child song playing as an overture and it would ve been the greatest screw you since Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind OllieTHE THINGS I LOVED Grease One of my all time favourite movies is Grease, it always takes me back and makes me happy I absolutely love how this book drew on the overall concept of Grease and how it was, in many ways, delightfully recognisable You could identify the different characters in this book with the movie cast and certain scenes are reminiscent of the original But it was still a story all on its own and that was amazing LGBT There are too few LGBT books out there that truly represent what it s like to be LGBT I am bi, myself But I absolutely loved the different representations in this book, the closeted, the openly out and the confused It felt like a very real representation and it really hit home for me over and over again Ollie OMG if it wasn t because he was gay I would totally fall in love with Ollie He was so amazingly sweet, adorable and awkward, he had my heart from the first moment I was rooting for him right from the startNote to self carry bass around everywhere and break into impromptu solo whenever anyone tries to force you into conversation OllieLOL I am usually not the person who says or writes LOL but this book just embodies it so well There were so many passages that honestly had me laughing out loud, it was so amazing I mean, I can get a good chuckle going usually, but actually laughing is rare for me ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Follow me for book goodness Facebook Twitter Instagram 3.5A hugely enjoyable YA romance which also tackles a serious subject very well.This is only slightly touched on in the blurb so I m not going to elaborate too much.The theme of the book isn t a new one.High school setting with an out character and one firmly in the closest.But this is truly engaging.Told only from Ollie s pov and I think I fell for him instantly.Ollie and Will have a summer fling.It s intense and passionate but once the summer is over Ollie is baffled by Will s silence.To make things worse Ollie and his family must move temporarily and Ollie starts a new school.Will s school and if Ollie was confused about Will s silence after their fling he s even bewildered by Will s indifference to him at school.Ollie is befriended by three girls who kind of take him under their wing.These characters definitely added depth to the story.They re not the stereotypical high school girls.They re individual with issues of their own that I m sure any young person reading this will identify with.I read The Law of Inertia by this Author and loved it so I knew I liked her writing.She manages to tackle a serious subject here,which doesn t overwhelm the story,along side the romance between Will and Ollie.There are no on page sex scenes between the MCs at all.And I honestly didn t miss them.The story didn t need them.Strangely,I think I enjoyed the story without them.The story is very well crafted.It s sweet with a bit of angst,funny,with a serious side.Two highly likeable MCs,and great supporting characters.A YA story that will appeal to a lot of people.Maybe too much of a young feel for me but still very engaging Review copy provided by the publisher,via NetGalley. You know what I just simply adored this I m heart eyes over it, but also in awe, because it tackled so many complex and serious topics AND managed to be an adorkable romcom that squished the air out of my lungs so many times No, no, I genuinely had to put it down and scream at one stage Out loud. You know a book is absolutely fantastic when it makes you feel absolutely e v e r y t h i n g the characters are feeling.omfg, Ollie, I was with you in that moment at the end We exploded together view spoiler THE BASKETBALL KISS I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT I DIED AND I THINK WILL HAD A HEART ATTACK AND OLLIE ASCENDED hide spoiler SUMMER LOVING, BUT GAY Greese inspired queer romcom pitched as Simon Vs meets Clueless SOPHIE GONZALES TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda meets Clueless, inspired by Grease. With all of the many, many dramatics of the straight friends in the book, I definitely got a Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda vibe from the story, no doubt.But Clueless was extremely funny, which this book had its moments, but I didn t personally feel that humor played much of a role here At least not constantly, like in Clueless.And Grease Ummm, I didn t really feel that many Grease like moments, but I m not completely obsessed with that movie in the same adoring way that my hubby is The boy has a problem, I m telling you hehAs the story began, it was Ollie s first day at a new school in North Carolina, then over the course of the story, we got flashbacks of a summer fling that he d had with a local, closeted basketball player, Will, which seemed to end fine, only to be followed by a bout of extreme ghosting.Will had expected the end of summer to also signal the end of their short relationship, but when Ollie enrolled at his new school, Will freaked out pretty badly, exactly as I d figured he would Talk about your chickens coming home to roost.I liked both Will and Ollie, understanding all too well the predicament that they were in, but just like with Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda , I had the same feeling that their friends problems at least partially overshadows the main story in this M M YA romance.The one side plot that I was happy to include pages for was Ollie s aunt s cancer, and how Ollie stepped up to help with her kids Every single page of that sub plot felt genuine and packed with tons of emotion.However, I could ve honestly done without a few of the other side plots with Ollie s new gal pals Those parts felt long and drawn out, making me want to skip pages until we got back to the romance.The story had no steam, but finished with a very strong HFN, with the boys thankfully going view spoiler to colleges very close to one another hide spoiler The catch is, girls have to ask guys, Matt added.Huh Seemed pretty heteronormative And what if a girl wanted to ask a girl Or otherwise THIS BOOK It is such an important story and brings up such valid topics, such as the quote above Honestly, I went into this with expectations of having a good time and just rooting for all the gays And I got that, but I also got so much out of this book The writing was also amazing It was smart and funny and I adored every word on these pages.We follow Ollie and Will, two boys who had a summer fling together Ollie was supposed to just spend the summer in North Carolina and then go back home to California Unfortunately, Ollie s aunt s health took a bad turn, so he ended up staying in NC Little did he know, he would be going to the same school as Will Which, Ollie should be over the moon happy about that, right Except there s just one problem Will isn t out to everyone yet In fact, the only person who knows he s gay is Ollie.Ollie ends up meeting some friends, which I grew to love his friend group, and by the end of the book I so wished I could have been friends with them, too Niamh, Lara and Juliette were loyal to Ollie and to each other They were also very passionate about their personal hobbies, with Juliette wanting to go to college for music, Niamh wanting to be a plus sized model, and Lara for just wanting to be her true self and to be happy in life Ollie also ended up joining a band, but we didn t really get to see much of the other band members, and I kind of wished we had But, to be fair, it s because I was thrilled that Ollie was able to join a band because he has such a passion for music and once upon a time, I, too, had a passion for music I basically lived and breathed music for years, from the time I woke up every day until I went to sleep So, not a big deal, but still something I wished we saw interactions from Also, Ollie s friends from California were barely mentioned and I honestly forgot all about them until the end of the book when he brought them up again I also kind of wish they were a little relevant to the story But, again, not really a big deal.So, Oliver dealt with some shit and then some I saw myself in his character and I was rooting for him the entire time Honestly, he took so much shit from everyone but still stuck by their side because that s who he is And I am the same exact way, no matter who the person is or what they ve done to me I blame this on me being a Hufflepuff, but I m proud to be one, so really, it s all good I did appreciate that Ollie did try to grow a backbone and put himself first Okay, so speaking of Ollie trying to grow a backbone, I d like to take some time to talk about the point in this story that sealed it as being my favorite book of this year Yes, I m calling it I truly don t think anything else will be able to top Only Mostly Devastated. There was a point in this story where Ollie and Lara were talking about how the people they care about the most have wronged them and how they just need to move on because they both deserve better.And, honestly, this just resonated throughout my entire soul Like, that sounds dramatic, but I truly don t know any other way to put it Without getting too deep, I ve been going through some things with my mental health and I keep trying to tell myself that I deserve better and that I need to learn better self care But, because I m super fucking loyal when it comes to those that I care the most about, it s easier said than done for me So, when this quote that Ollie said came up, I just sat there and cried for a few minutes Maybe I hadn t spent enough time wondering when my needs would start to really matter to meThat quote right there hit me in so many ways Only Mostly Devastated is full of POC characters, bi characters, gays, friendships, family love, happy moments, sad moments, sappy moments, cute af moments, moments that will make you want to tear your hair out in frustration, dramatic moments, and flawed characters but real and authentic ones Ollie and Will both learned from their mistakes and realized how selfish they were both being to each other They both tried to understand each other s side of things and it was pretty great For me, this is what made their relationship work and be perfect in their own way But, seriously, Lara s character growth is one that I loved so much I could not stand her in the beginning of the book, but she eventually learned from her mistakes and became a better person I didn t want to talk about this I thought I was fine. Yeah, fine as a man who s been gently corrected on the internet, Lara said, crossing one leg over the other I can t thank Sophie Gonzales enough for taking the time to bring this absolute perfection of a story together For being able to share this story for those who need it the most.I cannot wait for y all to be able to read this story and hopefully love it as much as I did It s a story about hope and caring about those whom you love while also not losing yourself in the process It s a story about friendship and for always sticking together through the best and worst of times It s a story you do not want to miss out on I already plan on owning multiple copies of this book ARC, hardcover, and eventually the paperback edition Because, as you know, there s no such thing as owning too many copies of your favorite books, right I would like to thank Lexi at St Martin s Press for reaching out to me and providing me with an ARC It s very much appreciated and cherished.Quotes above are taken from an ARC copy and are subject to change upon the finished edition Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales is set to release in March 2020.Trigger warnings for Accidental outing, fat shaming, homophobia, cancer, loss of a loved one. I m only mostly devastated that this book comes out in 2020 and we still haven t invented time machines.Look, a book loving bitch is impatient so I m just gonna go crawl in my cave now and y all can wake me up in 2020 when this book is released Find all of my reviews at soon as I heard inspired by Grease well Much like the band TLC I will fully admit I ain t too proud to beg either and did everything in my power to acquire an early copy of this one And as soon as Ollie started his new school only to run into his summer lovin Will who totally pulled a Danny Zuko with his popular basketball buddies by saying he spent his summer just You know this old lady was like Only Mostly Devastated was everything I wanted it to be It totally had a Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda vibe as the blurb promised not so sure about the Clueless namedrop not really accurate and it wasn t even necessary when the book is a guaranteed winner like this one , Will totally had some legit reasons for being a bit of a turd, Ollie was a great understanding friend, but not afraid to use his words and was unwilling to be a doormat just to make someone else s life easier, there was just enough teenage drama, and of course it all culminated at the high school dance, where you can find romance, maybe it might be loooooooove.I ate this sucker up Highly recommended Endless thanks to Wednesday Books for the early copy You got me feeling all Rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dongShoo bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boomChang chang changitty chang sha bopDip da dip da dip doo wop da doo bee dooBoogedy boogedy boogedy boogedyShoo be doo wop she bopSha na na na na na na na yippity dip de doomWop ba ba lu mop and wop bam boom 3 stars It was late afternoon, on the very last Wednesday of August, when I realized Disney had been lying to me for quite some time about Happily Ever Afters Only Mostly Devastated tells a cute but extremely formulaic story that is as memorable as a teen coming of age movie possibly of the Netflix variety I really wanted to enjoy this but I found the story to be unimaginative, the plot to be uneventful and with the exception of Ollie and Will every single character struck me as being little than a stand in for a certain issue.Positives Sophie Gonzales simple writing style effectively conveys Ollie s various thoughts and experiences Rather than loosing herself in a purply metaphors Gonzales has opted for a direct and plain prose and this first person narrative is perhaps the most accomplished aspect of Only Mostly Devastated Ollie hooks readers in, right from his opening lines, and keeps us entertained and engaged throughout the majority of the novel Thankfully, Mom and Dad raised me to aim low, to encourage a healthy contentment in hitting par Ollie s is an amusing narrator He is fairly awkward, very sweet, and has a lovely sense of humour He shows self awareness and self respect two things that are often MIA in a YA main character While he does use acronyms I had to google D and M and makes plenty of references to popular culture, these were well incorporated into the narrative they didn t come across as just random insertions If anything they made him into a believable teenager A week later, and I was still getting lost often than the girl in the Labyrinth movie, except I didn t even have David Bowie in tights as a reward for my efforts The Grease inspired story had potential This Will isn t the same after the summer scenario created a good amount of tension and angst Ollie is confused and hurt by Will s change of character from a sweet and sensitive boy into an obnoxious class clown who doesn t even want to be seen with Ollie The relationship between Ollie and Will was well developed While Ollie doesn t excuse Will s behaviourI m a dick because I ve always been a dick around my friends wasn t really an excusehe doesn t pressure him to make their summer romance public knowledge Ollie, quite rightfully, finds it intolerable to be someone s dirty secret , yet he also understands the difficult position Will is inNo one deserves to be outed against their willIn spite of their disagreements and different attitudes, readers can see just how much they care for each other They share many tender moments and I thought that their ups and downs were very realistic.Negatives The storyline starts well enough but soon fell into a predictable path We have a certain number of subplots following Ollie s friends and his aunt which were so thinly rendered as to have little impact on the overall story Ollie s friends and his aunt seemed to exist only so that the novel could address certain hot topics Sadly these characters were reduced to the issues they were contending with Take Ollie s new friends they just happen to be the three people he gets to know on the first day One is there so the novel can include a hurried, and extremely superficial, discussion on body positivity She has few lines and they mostly have to do with her appearance body diets exercise regimeher personality was mostly non existent She was defined by this subject matter Another one of his new friends the girl who decides to nickname our protagonist Ollie oop on the very first day who does thatSomeone from Riverdale exists so the story can include an its okay to fail keep trying message And then we have the girl who had the potential to have a defined personality not a good one but still ended up being portrayed as a rather clich d bully with a heart These three girls were poorly developed and rather unbelievable Ollie s aunt and her illness seem to have been included only as an inciting plot devicewhich isn t great as it is a cheap way to try to make your readers feel sorry or sympathise with Ollie he didn t need this extra dose of sad Ollie s parents are so unimportant and unwritten as to be closer to two nebulous entities than to two human individuals In her first appearance Ollie s mother tells him that they will be moving to a new state and he can t complain because she has a lot on her plate Which yeah. After that she has a few lines about energy and such Ollie s father makes his first appearance around the 40% mark and tells him off because he is stressed After that I m not sure he does or says anything of notice They were like the adults in Tom and Jerry..cut off from Ollie s story, barely in the picture Ollie s old friends disappear after one video callclearly they had a very meaningful relationship with Ollie Will s two dude friends were as poorly developed as the rest That ending was way too cheesy even by rom com standards.Teens who haven t read a lot of YA might find enjoyable than I didbut readers who aren t keen on plots that rehash tired elements from high school dramas might be better off skipping this one.Read reviews on my blog View all my reviews on Goodreads

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