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Free ↠ Dead Astronauts By Jeff VanderMeer – A Messianic Blue Fox Who Slips Through Warrens Of Time And Space On A Mysterious Mission A Homeless Woman Haunted By A Demon Who Finds The Key To All Things In A Strange Journal A Giant Leviathan Of A Fish, Centuries Old, Who Hides A Secret, Remembering A Past That May Not Be Its Own Three Ragtag Rebels Waging An Endless War For The Fate Of The World Against An All Powerful Corporation A Raving Madman Who Wanders The Desert Lost In The Past, Haunted By His Own Creation An Invisible Monster Whose Name He Has Forgotten And Whose Purpose Remains HiddenJeff VanderMeer S Dead Astronauts Presents A City With No Name Of Its Own Where, In The Shadow Of The All Powerful Company, Lives Human And Otherwise Converge In Terrifying And Miraculous Ways At Stake The Fate Of The Future, The Fate Of Earth All The Earths

10 thoughts on “Dead Astronauts

  1. karen karen says:

    action cover makes my epilepsy come back worth it

  2. Meike Meike says:

    Set in the postapocalyptic universe of Borne, Dead Astronauts tells the story of three characters caught up in an epic battle against the Company, a biotech enterprise that has produced bio engineered creatures and o

  3. Jamie Jamie says:

    Like a dream, the pieces of Dead Astronauts fit together only loosely and often with a logic of their own making Yet those pieces are exquisitely crafted, making it a joy to cobble together, although it is frequently a

  4. Tucker Tucker says:

    9 21 2019 this cover is interesting fugly it s been fixedsomeone f cked up the dates on this, the audio was published last year that paperback comes out next year.WHAT IS GOING ON

  5. Dave Dave says:

    Dead Astronauts is the second novel in Vandermeer s Borne World For those of us who haven t previously stepped through the sticky portals into this treacherous world, it is an unnerving experience And, our journey is not m

  6. Drew Drew says:

    Jeff returns to the world of BORNE and goes full weird, with a narrative that splinters across every level the molecular, the sentence, the pagination, all of it The density of this book is going to fuck up some people who h

  7. Bandit Bandit says:

    Until now my experience with Jeff VanderMeer has been restricted to reading Borne I liked Borne so much, loved it even So when I saw a new book of his come up on Netgalley, I requested it right away without even reading the pl

  8. Caleb Masters Caleb Masters says:

    Set in the same world at his excellent 2017 Borne, Dead Astronauts finds VanderMeer again at the top of his game exploring a universe destroyed by the nefarious Company Delightful strangeness abounds a man disintegrating into hu

  9. J.D. DeHart J.D. DeHart says:

    It s poetic, beautiful, and dark at the same time Jeff VanderMeer combines the literary and perceptual to take science fiction and readers to new places What I loved most about this book is the unique approach VanderMeer takes to

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