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Download ☆ The City We Became By N.K. Jemisin – Five New Yorkers Must Come Together In Order To Defend Their City In The First Book Of A Stunning New Series By Hugo Award Winning And NYT Bestselling Author N K JemisinEvery City Has A Soul Some Are As Ancient As Myths, And Others Are As New And Destructive As Children New York City She S Got FiveBut Every City Also Has A Dark Side A Roiling, Ancient Evil Stirs Beneath The Earth, Threatening To Destroy The City And Her Five Protectors Unless They Can Come Together And Stop It Once And For All

10 thoughts on “The City We Became

  1. Chaima ✨ شيماء Chaima ✨ شيماء says:

    There s still a lot to live for like N.K Jemisin s new fantasy series about 5 New Yorkers coming together to defend the city from an ancient evil I JUST KNOW IT S GONNA BE A GOOD ONE

  2. S.A. Chakraborty S.A. Chakraborty says:

    Without a doubt, one of the most brilliant books I have ever had the honor of reading A brilliant homage to New York City, packed with all its love and harshness, and so incredibly inventive that I felt my own imagination and the boundaries of what fantasy can be expand.

  3. Rebecca Roanhorse Rebecca Roanhorse says:

    A wonderfully inventive love letter to New York City that spans the multiverse A big middle finger to Lovercraft with a lot of heart, creativity, smarts and humor A timely and audacious allegorical tale for our times This book is all these things and The story started a bit slow as our team assembles, but once our heroes are together or as together as they re gonna be , it was

  4. MeaganCM MeaganCM says:

    2 15 20 so close to the release date now Can t wait __________________________________10 16 19 why is the release date still so far away ________________________________9 8 19 Cover has been revealed Am I in love with it Nah Will I still read the fuck out of this Yup Side note I have been posting updates about this for an entire year If you can t tell, Jemisin is my fave ___________

  5. Elise (TheBookishActress) Elise (TheBookishActress) says:

    releases 26 Mar 2020 okay so I love creepy city aesthetics, and this book is about a city with an actual living soul which sounds so so amazing I m here for this

  6. Alix Harrow Alix Harrow says:

    I want you to understand that you re not ready for this book Even if you ve read Jemisin s other work, even if you ve read The City Born Great, which is the starting place for this book.You re not ready for the fun and pop of it, the rhythm and beat You re not ready for the wit and weight of it, the subversions that are both subtext and said out loud You re not ready for the cleanness and cle

  7. Jonathan Strahan Jonathan Strahan says:

    A city that becomes itself A story that s a dash of Do the Right Thing and splash of Yarrow or Mulengro or All the Birds in the Sky A love story to a city that s also a team up, a call to arms, and a statement of joy There s a dash maybe a dash too much I m not sure yet of Providence, Rhode Island, but it doesn t overwhelm A solid book and one that left me interested in seeing what happens in Pari

  8. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    The Broken Earth trilogy turned into one of my favourite series ever so it was with a little trepidation that I entered New York City here to see what this author had come up with next I thought I was somewhat prepared given that I d read the short story The City Born Great which I would recommend doing, you can find it in the, How Long til Black Future Month collection and you ll get a plethora of oth

  9. Henk Henk says:

    One of the authors of the Forward Short Story collection I look forward to reading from Excited

  10. Leah Rachel von Essen Leah Rachel von Essen says:

    The City We Became is N.K Jemisin s newest fantasy, coming out in March 2020 Based on a short story called The City Born Great, previously published in her incredible How Long til Black Future Month , the novel features the moment that New York City comes alive but disrupted by a mysterious threat, is split into its five boroughs personified, avatars of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island,

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