Paperback Ó 極主夫道 1 eBook á

Paperback  Ó 極主夫道 1 eBook á 元・最凶ヤクザが選んだのは、主夫としての道だった――。! 話題の新鋭作家がおくる、アットホーム任侠コメディ! ! コミックスだけの描き下ろしエピソードも収録!!

10 thoughts on “極主夫道 1

  1. The Artisan Geek The Artisan Geek says:

    Hands down the funniest manga I have ever read wow. The wholesome of this manga in combination with this dude being an ex-Yakuza member is actually the best ever. I need to read all the other volumes asap.

    Read the first couple of pages yesterday and I am hooked! A Yakuza turned Househusband?! This is freaking hi

  2. Tim Tim says:

    A gag manga is only as good as the main gag. The entire point of a good gag manga is that it can take that one joke, use it in various situation while keeping it fresh, and most importantly funny. It has to be repetitive, without feeling repetitive. Fortunately in the case of this series, the joke is exceptionally good.

    Here we follow the

  3. K. K. says:

    Way more hilarious than I anticipated, even given the concept of a former notorious yakuza settling down to be a house-husband for his career-minded wife. There's this:

    But mostly it's this:

  4. Artemy Artemy says:

    Yesss! Here’s my new favorite gag manga. The premise is genius — a former Yakuza boss decides to abandon his criminal past and become, you guessed it, a househusband. Follow him as he gets into bargain bin sales, apartment cleaning, cooking, DIY and all that good stuff, while occasionally trying to manage former fellow gang members who are not yet

  5. Skye Kilaen Skye Kilaen says:

    This seems to be one of those manga where you either love it, or it just seems pointless. I'm in the former camp. The transposition of the main character's badass yakuza seriousness into the environment of cooking classes and housecleaning is cracking me up. I'm really looking forward to the next volume, as I could see it either staying vignette / slice

  6. Auntie Terror Auntie Terror says:

    Very amusing and unexpectedly absurd at times. Curious to see where this is actually headed.

  7. Shannon Shannon says:

    Ehhh ... I have a feeling this gag could get old real quick, the story needs a little more substance.

  8. Sheena ☆ Oh, the Sheenanigans! Sheena ☆ Oh, the Sheenanigans! says:

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    2.5 stars

    Oh dear...this manga really fell flat for me :/

    The basic premise is a former yakuza boss adapting to life as a house husband, and being his ‘typical’ self, he takes everything SERIOUSLY (including food shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc.) The chapters were very short and the same gags were used repeatedly. We don’t real

  10. Mitticus Mitticus says:

    2 stars b/c made me snooze.

    Art - 3.5
    Story - what story?

    Good art, but Gag Manga is not for me.

    A feared Yakuza turned househusband that takes day-to-day chores very serious. The way the people acts with his so-called fierce facade and way to do things is supposedly funny.

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