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The Winthrop Woman  Epub × The Winthrop  Kindle - First published in 1958 and set in the early 17th century, this bestselling novel and follow up to Katherine follows Elizabeth Winthrop, a courageous Puritan woman who finds herself at odds with her heritage and surroundings A real historical figure, Elizabeth married into the family of Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony In those times of hardship, famine, and Indian attacks, many believed that the only way to prosper was through the strong, bigoted, and theocratic government that John Winthrop favored Defying the government and her family, Elizabeth befriends famous heretic Anne Hutchinson, challenges an army captain, and dares to love as her heart commanded Through Elizabeth s three marriages, struggles with her passionate beliefs, and countless rebellions, a powerful tale of fortitude, humiliation, and ultimate triumph shines through.

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