10 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Simona Bartolotta Simona Bartolotta says:

    The moment I read Untitled Marie Rutkoski There s no word in any language able to describe what I felt Try elated raised to googolplex and maybe then you ll be getting close to it.

  2. Nastassja Nastassja says:

    New YA fantasy from Marie Rutkoski Me I ll sell my firstborn for this book.

  3. Cody Cody says:

    NEW YA FANTASY PROJECT PLANNED FOR 2018What this really means Cody s new favourite book is coming in 2018.This is the best news ever I am ready to have my heart crushed with all the feels Rutkoski will undoubtedly give me SEND HELP Also this can only mean one thing THE WINNER S CURSE REREAD 2017

  4. Tashie Tashie says:

    no offense but even though we have no real info on this book, I m ready to offer marie all my coins without hesitating so there s that

  5. Nadhira Satria Nadhira Satria says:


  6. Marianne (semi hiatus - really you should follow my Insta) W Marianne (semi hiatus - really you should follow my Insta) W says:

    I don t freaking care what exactly this is about, The Winner s Trilogy is my fav trilogy ever, I need this new book yesterday thnx

  7. Kira Simion Kira Simion says:

    Marie Rutkoski writing another story SIGN ME THE FREAK UP I LOVED THE WINNER S TRILOGY DON T LET ME DOWN.333

  8. Hollis Hollis says:

    please please just take my money.

  9. Anja Anja says:

    Marie Rutkoski is writing it I m reading it

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