10 thoughts on “Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1)

  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    After reading a succession ofserious books, I felt the need to read something light and trashy As I discovered from reading this book, you should be careful what you wish for Light Yes Trashy Oh yes Oh yes, yes, yes But not in a good way just trash, trash, trash.It is hard to say what I dislikedabout this book the sophomoric writing, or the annoying, vapid, 2 d, Harlequin romance heroine helples

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series I confess I picked this up at the bookstore for a few reasons 1 The cover was sparkly and I liked the art 2 Vampires Having spent a huge chunk of my youth hoping the vampires in Anne Rice s novels would knock on my window late at night shut up, like you didn t I have been looking for the next Brad Pitt with fangs shut up, like you aren t And yeah That was al

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    I started reading this series because I was currently watching True Blood and had developed a slight obsession with Eric Since then, the books have become an absolute guilty pleasure of mine They are not the best written and occasionally we get a little too much of what we don t care for i.e fairies and shifters but amid the hot vamp sex and murder mysteries who really notices those anyway Most characters have bo

  4. Fabian Fabian says:

    Stephenie Meyer has nuthin on this woman understatement Harris has in one pinky all the talent of the aforementioned hack, and her huge fan base must take note Dead Until Dark is a loud middle finger to all those in deep love therefore those with questionable tastes with the Twilight series.This book reminds me that not all fiction has to be poetry This one has a clear plot, it ties together all loose ends It is enthralli

  5. Trin Trin says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sigh I tried to give this a fair chance, I really did I went into it hopeful, despite some other negative reviews that I ve read, because I quite liked the pilot for True Blood, the new HBO series based on these books Dark, however, loses points from me right away because the two most interesting characters on the show Sookie s cranky best friend Tara,

  6. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    December 2014 buddy read with Shelly, Carole, Evgeny, Karly, Jess, Allison, Catherine Monty Cupcake.DNF at 50% Sookie, Sookie, Sookie Because of you most of my friends either hate me or think I m a total freak They think you re quirky, I think you re silly They think your story is better than candy, I think your story is the most uninteresting ever Sorry guys, I don t think this review is going to go well.I was recently told I was snarky a

  7. Demo Demo says:

    Some people have asked me why I never read Adult Paranormal Romance books.Well, TrueBlood is the reason why Read on, if you feel like snorting with pity laughter.Damn I wish I could explain why I had to give this book a one star rating without sounding lame as hell Because really, it was a stupid reason, one that only I would run into, and I m 98% certain many of you...

  8. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    I d never heard of these books until a few months ago, and as usual, once one person recommends them, everyone seems to be talking about them, you see them everywhere, and you get curious They re in the fantasy section, though for some bizarre reason I was under the impression, at first, that they were YA and silly They are fun, but they are definitely for adults The vampire mystery style reminds me of the one Anita Blake book I read, the first one, which w

  9. Bookdragon Sean Bookdragon Sean says:

    The television show True Blood was better than this in every sense it completely transcended it Well, at least, before the fourth season hit and the writing went down the toilet But that s a separate issue altogether The show took Charlaine Harris s book and made the story better it made it sexy and scary But, let s not forget that without this there would have been no show whatsoever So fans of the television show do owe a lot to Charlaine Harris Her writing for me

  10. Helen 2.0 Helen 2.0 says:

    I might have enjoyed this oneif Sookie was a bitrelatable In a paranormal romance, the reader is supposed to be able to project themselves into the main character, right I mean, we pretend like that s not the point but that s kinda sorta really the point But Sookie is so emotionally distant and half the time I can t even tell if she s happy or sad or angry or what Her motivations are hard to decipher from the text Perhaps I misjudged the intent of the book maybe it was writt

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