10 thoughts on “The Last Dance

  1. Katie Katie says:

    The best book I ve read on death and dying issueseverything from cultural attitudes on death to the psychological impact of different types of death ie, death of a child, suicide,etc , and the process of grieving Excellent

  2. Abbie Butcher Abbie Butcher says:

    This doesn t seem like the average read, but it actually is very interesting It is a look into the study of death and dying, and the subjects, problems and procedures surrounding death Main topics include cultural funeral practices, belief system...

  3. Sparrow Sparrow says:

    I had to read this book for a Grieving Process class and found it s contents extremely interesting and the information very helpful This book offers a lot of insight on both life and death and can those who are grieving or going into Funeral Services as well as counseling.

  4. Jeanie Lawrence Jeanie Lawrence says:

    Used this book for a Sociology class Very helpful and a good read.

  5. Colleen Bousquet Colleen Bousquet says:

    This book islike a text book, and is full of information I did not read it cover to cover, but selected parts to read that I thought would help me understand death and grieving I recently lost a loved one This book helped me gather information, to help myself It s a good book for anyone that is g...

  6. Captain Jacq Captain Jacq says:

    This was my textbook for a course called Death and Dying It was very interesting and provided a lot of information My favorite parts were about how different cultures in the world and in different times dealt with the same events I don t see people reading it as ...

  7. Wysterria Wysterria says:

    Read this for my Psychology of Death and Dying class and really enjoyed One of the most interesting textbooks I ve had to read in a long time Definitely recommend this class to anyone, or just read the book.

  8. Laura Laura says:

    Social and Psychological Aspects of Death Dying GERO 437 Fall 2005This class and this fantastic textbook and, to be entirely fair, a fantastic professor turned me into a Gerontology major Bravo

  9. Katie Katie says:

    When it comes to death, I believe this is a classic for the student exploring death and dying in the human world.

  10. Ruby Ruby says:


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