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[Ebook] Kraken By M. Caspian – Pv1.info Kraken A Gothic Erotic Horror With Tentacle Non ConWhen Boyfriend Parker Gives Him An Ultimatum Will Never Dreams His Heart Is About To Be Ripped Out Move To A Remote Off Shore Island With Him, Or Call It Quits But Will Picks Wrong, And Now He S Heading Into The Unknown To Fix His Mistake But Why Do The Locals Think They Recognise Him And Why Can T He Seem To Leave Reader Advisory This Work Of Fiction Contains Explicit Sexual Activities Between Men That May Offend Some People It Also Contains Scenes Of Rape, Extreme Violence, Tentacles, And Reference To Sexual Abuse Of Children, WordsAvailable At For Kindle, And Smashwords In All Formats

10 thoughts on “Kraken

  1. Julio Genao Julio Genao says:

    Gothic Horror Monster Porn This is how it s done Creepy setting check.Ghastly surprises check.Vaguely arousing scenes of appalling disregard for the limits of human biology, self determination, and or common decency Oh, yes.Check, check, check This was a riot.Ignore minor proofing niggles it s worth your time.Mary Shelly wished she could make you horny, grossed out, and s

  2. Lisa Henry Lisa Henry says:

    EDITED TO ADD You guys, if you got the free copy at Smashwords ages ago, you probably spotted the typos Good news You can go and redownload the updated version Which I am totally going to do now, because I have so much love for this story I read it again last night and yes, I am afraid to go back in the water, thanks for asking Original review Oh FML I just wrote out a whole revi

  3. Natasha Natasha says:

    So basicallyI think it s safe to say that I ve never felt likeof a deviant than when I read this book and my head was loaded with, Yeah, baby thoughts So basicallyI think it s safe to say that I ve never felt likeof a deviant than when I read this book and my head was loaded with, Yeah, baby thoughts

  4. Kat Kat says:

    Having stared at those lovely suction cups on the cover for a while, I decided that I really, truly was in need of some answers So I googledTurns out tentacle porn likely got popular thanks to the Japanese don t act like this surprises you p Especially Toshio Maeda s manga, which featured tentacle rape, got the ball rolling According to Maeda, he started the practice in order to get around Japan

  5. Otila Otila says:

    If you re in a horror movie, you make poor decisions It s what you doNo one proves this better than Will From the very beginning, he makes one bad choice after another.There are just some things that cannot be excused, though Like if you see some creepy guy s arms turn into tentacles you don t stay to ask questions YOU RUN THE FUCK AWAY No matter how hot you find noodle porn Yeah, I have no idea wtf tha

  6. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SEXY GINGER KRAKEN Kraken lures, entices and once the prey is within his web of deception, he tortures Kraken is not, I repeat NOT, a good guy Kraken kept me guessing the entire time WTF was uttered frequently There are so many pieces of the puzzle that, frankly, DON T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE I kept coming up with a theory and 10 pages later I m not touching the plot because you should experi

  7. Vivian Vivian says:

    No bait and switch here This story is exactly as advertised Creepy, freaky, awe inspiring as in terrifying spectacle This is a monster story in a classic gothic manner Read the warnings and if you re still good, READ the story Not going to say anythingLess is definitelyin terms of preparation.Good, old fashion horror story with explicit erotic overtones.

  8. Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn) says:

    Cannot be less than 5 Stars A beguiling dark erotica with strong plot and round characters.Starts with a bang, ends with a Super BangKrakenticks off just about all of my tentacle sex requirements It s almost like the author heard my lamentations on the lacking I found in most of of my tentacle erotica It scored so near to what I want that it is a tad uncanny in a way Like the power above decided to answer all my wishes in one

  9. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    Surprisingly, amazingly, I really liked it Well, maybe you re not surprised or amazed, but I am I do not like horror I ve given drunken speeches at parties and sober speeches to friends on GR about how I don t like horror Horror as a genre actually pisses me off a little Here s why this is also known as my super sad story about what I like to call the Worst Halloween EVER, or, why I hate my ex and Sarah Michelle Gellar equally Because

  10. MLE MLE says:

    A perfectly horrible, shivers down the back of my neck scary story I love that the non con aspects are treated as such, and that rape isn t romanticized or excused The plot was strong, and I loved how things worked out More than just romance, or erotica this was a strong horror tale.

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