10 thoughts on “Biggles Defies the Swastika

  1. Ian Laird Ian Laird says:

    A good Biggles story, moving along quickly with half way plausible action and some of it is genuinely thrilling, especially the flying.Early in World War Two, Biggles is doing reconnaissance in Norway when the Germans invade and he finds himself marooned in occupied territory With some daring, he uses, without permissio

  2. Alex (not a dude) Baugh Alex (not a dude) Baugh says:

    Not long ago I reviewed a book by John Boyne on my blog Randomly Reading called The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket This was a really good fantasy novel about a boy who floats and must be weighed down to stay on the ground Barnaby has a dog named Capt W.E Johns, which caused me to laugh when I read that There is

  3. S.P. Moss S.P. Moss says:

    Action packed from beginning to end, this gripping adventure features Biggles, his chums and his old adversary von Stalhein in occupied Norway during the Second World War The twists, turns, devious disguises and splendid schemes come thick and fa...

  4. Philip Philip says:

    This book must have been sitting on my shelf for at least 2 years The reason is because I bought it and Biggles Learns to Fly as a pair and I was not impressed with the other one.Fortunately, this one is a bit better at least there is an actual story to it, where Biggles Learns to Fly consisted of Biggles getting shot down and fighting his way ba

  5. Daniel Bratell Daniel Bratell says:

    In 1940, Biggles finds himself in Oslo with a Norwegian passport when suddenly the city is full of Germans From there on it s full action until the last page This is supposed to be one of the better Biggles books and that seems plausible.

  6. Chathura Chathura says:

    this is the best biggles book for me due to the cliffhangers at almost every end in each chapter It narrates the incidents that occur between initial occupation of Norway by the Nazi armies during world war 2.

  7. Matt Cartney Matt Cartney says:

    This is definitely one of the best Biggles adventures, set on a mysterious island in the North Atlantic And it cantains perhaps the first ever description of BASE jumping in print Read it to find out

  8. Edwin Kort Edwin Kort says:

    Von Stalhein speelt weer mee Moet ik nog meer zeggen

  9. Michael Reid Michael Reid says:

    Revisiting a childhood friend.

  10. Matthew Matthew says:

    Loved it I definitely think it is the best Biggles story out of the lot If you like a fast paced book with cliffhangers then this is for you.

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