10 thoughts on “Biggles defies the Swastika

  1. Ian Laird Ian Laird says:

    A good Biggles story, moving along quickly with half way plausible action and some of it is genuinely thrilling, especially the flying.Early in World War Two, Biggles is doing reconnaissance in Norway when the Germans invade and he find

  2. Paul Ataua Paul Ataua says:

    Enid Blyton s Famous Five and Billy Bunter were my childhood go to books while Biggles filled my early teens, so I just couldn t resist when I came across the audio version of Biggles Defies the Swastika Good wholesome fun in which Biggles

  3. Alex Baugh Alex Baugh says:

    Not long ago I reviewed a book by John Boyne on my blog Randomly Reading called The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket This was a really good fantasy novel about a boy who floats and must be weighed down to stay on the ground Barna

  4. Tommy Verhaegen Tommy Verhaegen says:

    Een aaneenschakeling van een onwaarschijnlijke reeks toevalligheden duwt Biggles in een kat en muisspel met de Duitsers die net Noorwegen bezet hebben Als spion tegen wil en dank is zijn leven in gevaar, toch kan hij Noorwegen niet verlaten Eerst m

  5. Nobi Nobes Nobi Nobes says:

    I loved it

  6. S.P. Moss S.P. Moss says:

    Action packed from beginning to end, this gripping adventure features Biggles, his chums and his old adversary von Stalhein in occupied Norway during the Second World War The twists, turns, devious disguises and splendid schemes come thick and fast as Bigg

  7. Hans Hans says:

    B17 This book was on my shelf for many years, but somehow unreadEarly moments of WW2, situated in Norway.It nicely describes the mayhem after a Nazi conquest.Was surprised to find members of the regular German army officers, expressing their attitude towards G

  8. Eugene Eugene says:

    Ye e s well, a bit of fun to read, but not half as good as his earlier Great War stories.

  9. Illuminated Illuminated says:

    it s a reread project

  10. Richard Barnett Richard Barnett says:

    Good adventure with variety of charactersEasy to read, thoroughly good descriptions and characters Takes me back to school days which was a long time ago.

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