10 thoughts on “Five Go Adventuring Again (Famous Five, #2)

  1. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    I read about a dozen of the Famous Five books when I was a kid but I never really looked at the list of titles in the back to appreciate that in fact there were about two dozen of them and I had a ran

  2. Paul Paul says:

    I m not feeling well today so this will be brief.The second Famous Five book picks up one school term after the first one finishes The kids are all excited to see each other again and excited because it s

  3. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    I have read the whole series over and over again I never tire of it This book is the second in the series and the George, Anne, Julian and Dick along with Timmy the dog return to Kirrin Cottage for the Christma

  4. First Second Books First Second Books says:

    I was informed this weekend that I was shockingly remiss for not having already read Enid Blyton s Famous Five series, so I set out at once to remedy this mistake easy enough, as I was standing in the middle of New

  5. Mike Sumner Mike Sumner says:

    I first read this as a child in 1954 I think it was Like most of my contemporaries I loved The Famous Five series Re reading 60 years on was a piece of pure nostalgia Of course it s a book for children but then I m a big

  6. Bev Walkling Bev Walkling says:

    This book is the second in Enid Boston s Famous Five series and to truly understand it, one should know that it was first published in 1943 in the middle of wartime The four children and Timothy are spending school Christmas

  7. Desty Desty says:

    Lima Sekawan beraksi kembali Kali ini mereka berusaha mengungkap misteri pencurian di Pondok Kirrin Tentunya ada petualangan yang menarik menanti mereka Setelah menghabiskan musim panas di Pondok Kirrin, anak anak harus kembali be

  8. Dhyn Hanarun Dhyn Hanarun says:

    Kedua anak laki laki itu tahu bahwa George memang kadang kadang konyol dan berwatak sulit, apalagi jika ada orang yang mengatakan tak suka pada anjingnya Tetapi menurut pendapat mereka, Pak Guru Ronald pun seharusnya menunjukan pengert

  9. Neja Neja says:

    These books Famous five are hands down one of my favorite books from my childhood All those adventures and mystery and those sandwiches they always packed aww, just the best I would love to read one of these again To bring back those memori

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