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!!> EPUB ❃ The Murder Exchange  ✾ Author Simon Kernick – Pv1.info When Ex Mercenary Max Iversson Accompanies A Nightclub Owner To An Ill Fated Rendezvous In A Deserted North London Industrial Estate, It Turns Out To Be Not So Much A Set Up As A Bloodbath Three Men Have Been Shot, The Briefcase Iversson Has Been Guarding Is Empty And He Wants To Know Why.So Begins A Hunt For Answers That Will Take Him Into Direct Conflict With Detective Sergeant John Gallan And Take Both Men Into Very Dangerous Territory.

10 thoughts on “The Murder Exchange

  1. Maddy Maddy says:

    RATING 4.5Max Iversson is an ex mercenary who has partnered with an old buddy, Joe Riggs, to form a security firm called Tiger Solutions When Max is offered 5,000 for a slam dunk security assignment by the owner of the Arcadia Nightclub, Ray Fowler,

  2. Sean Peters Sean Peters says:

    Hi,another book read by Simon Kernick, a little slower to start with but builds to a fast pace in the second half, and you follow the story with the twomain characters.As usual lots of characters, and following it fro...

  3. Joe Joe says:

    I quite enjoyed this 2nd Simon Kernick novel, I was pleasantly surprised as wasn t expecting too much if I m an honest I like the use reference of characters in Kenricks Debut novel similar to an otherUK other Michael Robotham The novel has ...

  4. David Wilding David Wilding says:

    After the previous Simon Kernick book I read, and after positive reviews of this one, I was expecting great things of this book But sadly not Yes, the storyline is a good one, and starts off with much promise of great things But it is all about guns and shooting and who killed wh

  5. Mindysue Mindysue says:

    Started interesting, drug along through the middle and then went on a high speed roller coaster ride at the very very end The end was almost too fast action packed frenetic Had potential but could benefit from an editor encouraging better pacing.

  6. Plum-crazy Plum-crazy says:

    I find this author a bit hit miss but this was definitely one of his much better books IMHO anyhow A good story that moves at a fast pace I like the story was told by both Gallan Iversson sort of good versus bad

  7. Madeleine Ellison Madeleine Ellison says:

    I enjoy thrillers and could not put this book down until I had completed the read it definitely held my imagination however I did feel that the chapter about Krys Holtz was too graphic.

  8. Jodie Jodie says:

    BrilliantGreat book, keeps you reading and guessing Great twist the end to Highly recommend it, so sit back and enjoy it

  9. Chantelle Chantelle says:

    If the middle of the book was as fast paced as the final 100 odd pages then it would have easily scored higher than 3 stars Some characters were not ingrained in my mind either.

  10. Wolfie Wolfie says:

    Violent and difficult at times, interesting story though

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