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[EPUB] ✰ JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development By Jon Duckett – Pv1.info Learn JavaScript And JQuery A Nicer WayThis Full Color Book Adopts A Visual Approach To Teaching JavaScript JQuery, Showing You How To Make Web Pages Interactive And Interfaces Intuitive Through The Use Of Inspiring Code Examples, Infographics, And Photography The Content Assumes No Previous Programming Experience, Other Than Knowing How To Create A Basic Web Page In HTML CSS You Ll Learn How To Achieve Techniques Seen On Many Popular Websites Such As Adding Animation, Tabbed Panels, Content Sliders, Form Validation, Interactive Galleries, And Sorting DataIntroduces Core Programming Concepts In JavaScript And JQueryUses Clear Descriptions, Inspiring Examples, And Easy To Follow DiagramsTeaches You How To Create Scripts From Scratch, And Understand The Thousands Of JavaScripts, JavaScript APIs, And JQuery Plugins That Are Available On The WebDemonstrates The Latest Practices In Progressive Enhancement, Cross Browser Compatibility, And When You May Be Better Off Using CSSIf You Re Looking To Create Enriching Web Experiences And Express Your Creativity Through Code, Then This Is The Book For YouThis Book Is Also Available As Part Of A Set In Hardcover Web Design With HTML, CSS, JavaScript And JQuery, And In Softcover Web Design With HTML, CSS, JavaScript And JQuery,

10 thoughts on “JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

  1. Ronando Ronando says:

    You won t like this review because I am in the extreme minority I thought this was going to be a fantastic book because of the reviews and because of the fantastic imagery But, by the time I was neck deep in chapter two, I realized that I had drunk the Kool Aid the book was nothing but a beautiful presentation of definition of terms,so than a tutorial that led a beginner throug

  2. Cindy Cindy says:

    Just came out but what I ve seen is beautiful and clear Be forewarned, this book doesn t come with exercises but you can find the examples online to mess around with at javascriptbook.com It may not be as technical as your other javascript jquery books, but it really inspires anyone who s not a newbie should not get this with the mindset of advanced programming because it s definitely

  3. Jeffery Moulton Jeffery Moulton says:

    I have read a lot of technical books over the years, and I have readthan a few JavaScript books This book is one of the best I ve ever read It is very informative yet concise It addresses the needs of first time learners and experts alike And it is absolutely gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to read I highly recommend it anyone learning JavaScript I am not paid by or any relation to the au

  4. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    A Not So Basic Programming Language8 September 2018 The first book in this series was pretty easy going, but it turned out that this one really wasn t the case Then again when we come to Javascript we are basically dealing with a computer language, and when it comes to computer languages they can be pretty complicated Honestly, reading a book, particularly with the speed that I read it, really isn

  5. shakespeareandspice shakespeareandspice says:

    This was a brilliant addition to the advanced web development courses I am taking at the moment Whenever I felt a bit lost in class, I would refer to this, and vice versa It is visually attractive and the author kindly also offers downloadable content for you to see play with as you attempt to learn the concepts and ideas of Javascript jQuery programming.I would highly recommend this to someone who is sea

  6. Jelena Jelena says:

    Awesome book for begginers to start with I started with it

  7. Andrijana Andrijana says:

    This book is so visually pleasing, BUT, it is not very interesting if you have some experience in programming My advice for those alike advanced beginners , is to choose only the chapters covering topics you re not familiar with and read those, since there is certainly useful content in this book.

  8. Graham Graham says:

    The book Javascript and jQuery by Jon Duckett is a masterminded intelligent book that has a very good step by step process on everything a beginner should know From how to put through a GET request to fine tuning your login form for your website The format of the book is laid out in a very modern style and just makes you want to read it based on the feel and look of it They say don t judge a book by it s cover, but this is on

  9. Sally Ragab Sally Ragab says:

    I have never mastered programming until I have read this book

  10. Laurence Laurence says:

    Lots of pretty pictures and colours, but the contents are outdated pre ES6 and the exercises barely qualify as such I recommend it to absolute beginners like, what s a variable beginners who are scared of the usual user unfriendly textbooks and don t care yet about practice and being on top of the latest web technologies.

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