10 thoughts on “The Light In The Window

  1. Adele McVay Adele McVay says:

    A thoroughly depressing yet engaging read.June is a young midwife in Ireland when she accepts the post of midwife in a home for unwed mothers It was an honest read and must have been a challenge for June to write She describes her role and her inability to challenge the ways of the home, without trying to paint herself as a hero it is quite clear that she was complacent, she was young and inexperienced and was tie

  2. Margaret Madden Margaret Madden says:

    Review to follow

  3. Heather Bacon fox Heather Bacon fox says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A friend in uni has just finished reading this book and asked if I would like to borrow it, given that we are student midwives I thought it would be a good human interest story to read It was done in an afternoon, and by the evening I was in disbelief.While parts of it were compelling, one thing over shadowed the clumsily written memoir her wait of half a

  4. Sabrina Rutter Sabrina Rutter says:

    I didn t know what to expect with this book since I didn t see a lot of five star reviews, but for me this is definantly a five star book This is one of the most moving memoirs I have ever read This book will definitely make you feel all kinds of emotions.Imagine being young, pregnant, and unmarried in a time and place where religion rules and human emotion is not acknowledged The poor girls that found the...

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    I read this in one day very hard to put down It s hard to believe that women were treated this way the suffering, both theirs and their children who had no details of their birth mothers with which to trace them in the future is hard to comprehend So sad.

  6. Heather Heather says:

    a nonfiction book about this woman s time working at a home for unmarried pregnant mothers in Ireland in 1951 She can t write well at all, but it s an interesting story nonetheless.

  7. Claire Smiles Claire Smiles says:

    It s a relatively short memoir of June s time working in an Irish Home for unmarried mothers She tells quite a clinical story of the conditions that the poor mothers were forced to endure There are no twists and turns, just an honest recollection of what it was like working as a midwife in such a terrible place in the early 1950 s I knew these places existed, especially back in a time when having a baby out of wedlock was the ultimate sin, but i d assumed they were like no

  8. Jennifer B. Jennifer B. says:

    This book tells an important story that shouldn t be forgotten The cruelty and indifference that these women and their children suffered is shocking The book brought this all to light, and set into motion radio and television interviews, documentaries, articles, etc Some of those affected were able to have a bit of closure in their lives So, the pains taken by the author, nurse June Goulding, to deliver this book were well worth it.The only thing that didn t sit well with me was tha

  9. Marie Beveridge Marie Beveridge says:

    Excellent but heartbreak.As an ex Catholic I often wonder why certain nuns are so cruel This book is certainly not going to answer that question, but it only reinforces what I have always known, some sisters we re downright cruel ...


    Was there a light at the end of the tunnel Great story from the very start,sad to say the least,i was brought up a Catholic and nuns taught us in,the school.these nuns were downright vicious,they would pull you out by the arm and nails,digg...

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