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!!> BOOKS ✰ Designing for Emotion ⚦ Author Aarron Walter – Pv1.info Make Your Users Fall In Love With Your Site Via The Precepts Packed Into This Brief, Charming Book By MailChimp User Experience Design Lead Aarron Walter From Classic Psychology To Case Studies, Highbrow Concepts To Common Sense, Designing For Emotion Demonstrates Accessible Strategies And Memorable Methods To Help You Make A Human Connection Through Design

10 thoughts on “Designing for Emotion

  1. Jason Zimdars Jason Zimdars says:

    I was very much looking forward to this book but I came away disappointed I m a big fan of what MailChimp is doing Their marketing is excellent and the customer resources are a model for us all I can t think of a better example of a company putting so much effort into making their customers successful So it is not without a healthy amount of respect for the author t

  2. Ahmad hosseini Ahmad hosseini says:

    It is a concise and short book but it led me to a look at the design of the site and the software from another perspective It is a fantastic book on how design psychology influences how we understand, relate and desire software, websites and even everyday objects It is full of great examples and it just gets you inspired to think of what emotion I want to convey before you s

  3. skullface skullface says:

    This has not aged well Seven years is a long time in digital design when this was published, product design was limited to industrial designers making physical products Dated aesthetics in screenshots are easy to skip over since I know to expect quality writing from A Book Apart publications Each chapter has numerous real world examples on how to help your users have an emotional con

  4. Dan Dan says:

    Fantastic short book on the importance of emotion in design While I ve always been a big fan of design, this book helped me think about it in the context of emotion, which I had never really thought about before It makes me want to do some of that user analysis immediately Includes great case studies and solid data, which is often necessary to push for these kinds of changes A plus unlike som

  5. Nick Lo Nick Lo says:

    I bought this bundled with the other Book Apart book Mobile First which is the one I actually wanted to read so with that context in mind, I ll give a brief review.It s a light read and I skimmed a lot as, ironically, considering the topic is all about engagement, I didn t really connect with a lot of it It felt a bit like the concept of emotional design led the bookthan the actual evidence of the con

  6. Mikal Mikal says:

    This book is an example of when brevity strikes back This book, while brief and an enjoyable is lacking in substance Emotional design or the topic of emotion and design is often tackled from a subjective perspective by known experts These perspectives while interesting and often fresh are often lacking of the foundations to explain just why emotions matter so much, leaving the authors preaching to the choir an

  7. Dave Emmett Dave Emmett says:

    Where the earlier A Book Apart books focused on tangible, tactical skills that could be incorporated into our design workflows, I found this one to be muchof a call to arms to re evaluate the fundamentals of how we think about what it means to design interfaces The part that really gets me excited is the integration of all elements of a product together to craft an experience that delights people Mailchimp s interface

  8. Megan Carpenter Megan Carpenter says:

    A great book to get you started thinking about emotion in design It walks you thought the options, and whether emotion is really right for your next website While it doesn t give you all the answers, it gives you plenty to start thinking about the appropriate answers, because, let s face it, web design is not a one size fits all career Each site will need it s own individual answer.

  9. Mai Mai says:

    Quick and inspiring Read about how the focus on emotions and a persona in the design helps users have better andenjoyable user experience ,really very effective book that inspired me with tons of ideas for design.A Must Read for Designers

  10. Cat Cat says:

    I read Designing for Emotion by Aarron Walter, which is about delighting your audience through emotional design The book oozes with personality and was really hard to put down in fact, I read the entire book in one night It s full of real world examples that help demonstrate the principles he discusses Although it was released in 2011 and some of the examples are a bit dated, I think the underlying principles hold true Here are my notes Emotiona

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